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Garage Door Maintenance

We assume you are interested in asking about garage door maintenance in Bolton, Ontario. Then again, you may be ready to book preventive service and are currently seeking experienced techs. Whatever you need, reach out to Bolton Garage Door Repair.

Yes, we quickly send techs to fix garage doors. But we are also ready to send out techs to maintain garage doors and thus, prevent common problems and all sorts of malfunctions. When a garage door is regularly maintained by a skilled and properly trained tech lasts for longer, remains functional, hardly acts up, and is safe.

When you turn to our team, you can book a regular maintenance plan, if you want. Or, you can contact us whenever it’s suitable for you. It’s just best to book regularly maintenance. In any case, be sure that the service is provided by an experienced pro.

Garage Door Maintenance Bolton

Book a pro for garage door maintenance in Bolton

If you want to schedule garage door maintenance, Bolton techs can come out on the day and at the time that best suits your schedule. Don’t worry about that. Also, be sure that the pro will be at your home on time and fully equipped for the preventive service. It’s useful to point out their expertise in all types of garage doors. Whether this is a one-piece, sectional, or roll up garage door, it’s checked and maintained accurately despite the brand.

The whole point of maintaining garage doors is to keep them safe and functional for as long as possible. That’s possible when its parts, opener, features, panel, and all components are checked, when adjustments are made, when the right lubricants are used, and when the techs find and fix garage door problems correctly.

What’s involved in garage door maintenance services

Maintenance services involve many phases. In spite of the type of garage door, the techs follow a checkpoint list to make sure nothing is left out.

  •          Routine garage door inspection
  •          Garage door balance testing
  •          Garage door troubleshooting
  •          Checking safety features and force
  •          Garage door adjustment/alignment
  •          Garage door lubrication & cleaning

Small and big garage door parts – everything – are thoroughly checked, cleaned, and tested. Anything wrong is fixed. The necessary adjustments are done on the spot. The techs check the hardware and if fasteners are loosened, they are tightened. At the end of the service, everything is in place and the garage door functions noiselessly, safely, and smoothly. If you want to inquire about garage door maintenance, Bolton’s most devoted team is at your service.